About us

About us

We Are Your Reliable Home Remodeling Partner

We are one of the leading home renovation and remodel companies in the UK. You can concentrate on the crucial aspects of your life since our home remodeling company handles all planning, design, take down, building, and clean up tasks with accuracy and professionalism.
To guarantee that our clients receive a terrific makeover and a fantastic experience, we have made significant investments in technology, outstanding personnel, and effective processes.
We Care About Every Project.
We Respect Your Time.
We Respect Your Budget.
We Care About Your Home.
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Our Expertise

With over 4000 happy clients that trust us, it’s no surprise that we are ranked #1.

A family-run, five-star rated, licensed, bonded, and insured remodel company—Karlonas Builders. We have portfolios and expertise in new builds, loft conversion, landscaping and outdoor, we specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Planning and Design

This is the best approach for a homeowner to guard against costs going up after the project begins, unorganized contractors, an undesirable outcome, and other issues.

Estimation Before Proposal

Do you want your contractor to estimate the cost of your makeover using an excel file or by estimating, only to want thousands, if not tens of thousands, more after the process begins?

Dedicated & Certified Designers

You get a dedicated designer to aid with design choices, design tips, and 2D/3D design renderings to make sure everything turns out the way you want it to.

Keep Yourself Updated

Imagine having a single location to view daily logs, images, and videos of the construction project. Additionally, it includes a list of all design elements, design renderings, and all significant remodeling components in one location.

Devoted Project Coordinator

Contractors are notorious for poor communication and staying in your house for a lot longer than they initially promised. With us, you will have a devoted project coordinator.

Experts in Home Remodeling

To minimize extra time spent in your home, extra expenses, and subpar workmanship, should our experts that specialize in delivery projects on time.
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